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We here here at VapeVista.Com strive to offer you the best views from the vaping lifestyle.
With authors from all over the globe, we encourage YOU to be a contributing author as well !
Featuring our staff of highly knowledgeable vaping enthusiasts, vapers everywhere are saying YES !
YES to a healthier lifestyle choice, and NO to the anti-vaping zealots who are currently making a lot of noise.


We’re about ALL vaporizing, even unheard-of substances. We’re open to new things !
Rest assured this site contains no illegal activity, and no sales of any product.
We have declined to state a residence address on social media as we are solely located online.

Want to be a member ? Members can comment on posts, and can request to become an author on the site.
All inquiries, member requests, author requests, and comments should be sent to .

Enjoy reading our posts !

Sincerely,  The VapeVista Staff


One response to “Welcome

  1. Hash

    February 25, 2015 at 12:30 PM

    Vape on! where do ya submit contributions?



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